Why do I need a website, or “What have the Romans ever done for us?”

Your business is moving along nicely. Sure, there are quiet patches, but we all have those, don’t we? When things are quiet, do you find yourself looking for things on the Internet? Do you sometimes find yourself wondering “Why do I need a website? What can it do for me?”

Remember the scene from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian“?
“What have the Romans ever done for us?”

The Internet is probably the most cost effective form of advertising available.

The Internet is better than the Yellow Pages, better than the many trade directories – soon every business will appear there in some form.
Compared to any other advertising medium the Internet has has a circulation figure and coverage area that can’t be matched. You can access that medium for a fraction of the cost of a simple series of advertisements in the local newspaper. Most small businesses will never be able to afford a radio campaign, let alone a TV campaign!

It’s entirely possible that your competitors already have a website. If they have, then this is potentially taking business away from you. If your competitors are already on the internet then you could be missing out on potentially valuable customers. Can you afford to lose that custom?

The question “why do I need a website?” is the wrong one to be asking. The question should really be “why do I think I don’t need a website?”


Why not try a search of Google (the most popular search engine) to see what your competition is up to? It’s a great way to get a feel for what is out there, what you like and dislike, and how you’d like your site to look and feel. When you’ve done that, call us.  Pick up the telephone and see how we can help you to grow your business.

To realise this huge potential, it is important that the pages of your website appear swiftly, and say what you want them to; the site has to be continually promoted and assessed, and the site must be kept looking fresh and up-to-date to encourage visitors to return to it on a regular basis. Your website is your on-line, interactive brochure. With a little thought, it can be so much more!

These are all aspects that Daftdog Web Design have in mind when we advise you on the structure and maintenance of your site. Our teamwork is essential if we’re going to help you make the most of this opportunity.

Above all, Daftdog Web Design endeavours to understand YOU and YOUR business, and we know that you will quickly come to count on us as an important part of your marketing and promotions team.


But I can get a free website, free webspace and free email address! Why should I pay for your services?

It’s true, you can get a little of what we offer for free. But have you ever thought what it says about your business if you have a Hotmail or Yahoo! email address? How do you think it looks if you have a website with a web address of www.mycompany.freespace.freewebhosts.com? It is the equivalent of sending out a shoddy brochure, of having poor quality business cards, or of driving a van with someone else’s details written on the side. Even if you are able to use a proper domain name with the free webspace, your site will probably end up sharing a server with several thousand other websites and have a tendency to slow down drastically at times.

Free companies can’t provide the same level of professional help, proactive support and ongoing advice that we provide. When you get problems you can often be left waiting on a premium rate telephone line—that’s if they offer telephone support at all!

These free companies will never care about you as a company. Why should they? There’ll be another one along in a moment.

Daftdog Web Design endeavours to understand YOU and YOUR business, and know that you will quickly come to count on us as an important part of your marketing and promotions team. We’re here for advice, for help, and for the ongoing maintainance of your investment.