No Matter What The Cost, Any Website is a Cheap Website

Why A £5000 Website Is A Bargain

As a web designer/developer, probably the the most common question I’m asked is “How much does a website cost?” Working mainly for small business startups as I do, the answer often sees clients almost go into shock!

It’s the next question that is more difficult to answer. “Why is it so expensive? It’s just a website!”


Just a website. “I only want a website. A simple, cheap website”. I wonder if doctors get as annoyed when someone says “It’s just an operation”, or if architects and builders get frustrated when people say “It’s just a house. How hard can it be?”

I think the biggest problem we face as designers/developers is that even when completed a website isn’t really a tangible object. You can’t hold it in your hands and feel it, or smell it, or hang it on the wall. The details, the design skills and craftsmanship that makes a website what it is, these hide under the surface. The things that make a website work are practically invisible to those who are not members of “the club”.

The cost of the website isn’t really important. It doesn’t matter if it’s £300, £600, £1000, £5000 or more. Websites are cheap, no matter what the cost.

What matters is the value of the website. Here’s an analogy that might help to illustrate my meaning.

Meet Your New Employee

Imagine you’ve decided to take on a new salesman for the company. His name is Pete, and he’s a nice guy. This is what Pete does for you.

  • Pete works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He never sleeps, he never takes holidays, he never takes a cigarette break. All he does is talk to your clients and sing your praises to everyone he meets.
  • Pete knows everything there is to know about the company, and never forgets anything when he’s selling. He talks to hundreds of people every day, he can talk to more than one person at once, and yet he still gives one-to-one attention.
  • Pete travels. He can be anywhere in the world when he’s needed, and can somehow manage to be in different places at the same time. He never files any expense claims for this.
  • Pete learns quickly. If you want to teach him something new, you only have to tell him once.

The best part of all this?

Pete is cheap. Ridiculously cheap. If you employ Pete for two years his initial £5000 price tag comes to a paltry £2500 a year. In fact, the longer Pete works for you, the cheaper he gets. And Pete will never quit.

Pete would be better off working part-time in a fast-food store. You pay Pete £0.28 per hour. He’s always there for you, and he works tirelessly around the clock for one thing: for you.

Do you feel sorry for Pete?

You shouldn’t. Pete isn’t real. He has no feelings to hurt, no ego to be crushed. Pete is your website.

Now try getting a perfect living, breathing salesman for minimum wage. Try to get anyone to do anything at all for £0.28 an hour. Good luck!

How Much Does A Website Cost?

From any sensible viewpoint it doesn’t matter how much a website costs. £5000 is a bargain, because it’s value is so, so much more than its price tag. Your website is the cheapest employee you’ll ever have. Can you afford not to have him work for you?