Is ‘Good Enough’ Really The Enemy Of ‘Perfect’?

We all want our creations to be perfect. The perfect product, the perfect service, the perfect article. This article isn’t perfect. If I’d tried to write the perfect article it would never be finished. There’s always something more to tweak, a little more that can be clarified, another example that can be added.

Things can never be perfect. Constantly pursuing perfection is a sure-fire way to ensure nothing gets finished. I know a man who’s been writing his first novel for twelve years. He’s re-written it so many times it’s no longer the novel he first imagined. His constant polishing has changed it beyond recognition. And it’s still unfinished.

I’m sure you’ve fallen into similar (if not so extreme) traps. In your business you’ve spent time changing your sales brochures, changing product descriptions and details, changing the design of your packaging, your website. In your home you’ve spent months looking for the perfect carpet, or the perfect picture to hang on the wall. In your relationships you’ve looked for your ‘soul-mate’. You’ve changed everything, just to try and make it that little bit better, to make it perfect. How much time have you wasted chasing an ideal that cannot be touched?

The perfect 'to-do'list

Stop tweaking. Launch your product or service now.

Nobody will pay you for what you provide unless you provide it. They might give you a deposit, or even money up front, but unless you deliver it they’ll be wanting that money back. If your waiting for perfect, you’ll be waiting forever. Your customers and clients will move to your competitors who are already providing what you’re waiting to finish.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t strive for excellence. Excellence is attainable. Excellence is a good goal. If you aim for perfection however, you’ll never achieve anything. Perfection is your enemy.

Every iPhone to date has had problems when it’s been released. This hasn’t stopped Apple selling hundreds of millions of them. They learned the lesson years ago. Waiting for perfection will ruin you. Launch now, and sort out the little niggles afterwards.

There’s never a perfect time to do anything. Starting a business, building something new, starting a family, waiting to do something until you have enough money – it will never happen if you’re waiting fot the perfect time. The perfect partner does not exist. The pursuit of perfection will cost you in business, in health, and in your relationships. Nobody wants that.

Don’t be forever chasing perfection. Good enough is good enough.