If you present a professional appearance, there’s no reason someone wouldn’t hire you just because you’re the only one in the company.

When starting out, you’ll want a web design, web domain,
and email address that identifies your company and brand.
Business credibility matters.

Cash is always tight when you are starting a new business, and free email addresses and free web hosting can seem like an attractive proposition. Email addresses such as startup@yahoo.co.uk or startup@freeemailaddresses.co.uk, and web addresses like startup.bighostingcompany.com not only look unprofessional, they can and do turn potential customers away. Companies with business cards and other stationery that display email addresses of this type are often—rightly or wrongly—taken less seriously than companies that have their own business email accounts, accounts like your.name@yourcompany.co.uk. Your free address doesn’t actually save you money at all. It costs you clients, and quickly becomes a liability.

It’s vitally important for the success of your business that your new venture not only works right, it must look right.

There is a solution to this problem, and as with all the Daftdog Web Design solutions it doesn’t cost much at all!

For just £50.00 Daftdog Web Design will register your business website domain name and create 2 email addresses for you on that account. We’ll hold the domain name for you for a year, or until you are ready to create your business website, whichever comes first*. We’ll also deduct the £50.00 from your final bill if you choose our 10 page or CMS web design package in that time.


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* A transfer fee of £10 will apply when the domain is transferred to you. Domains are held for one year. Daftdog hosting
Domain availibilty cannot be guaranteed. Daftdog Web Design will work with you to choose an available domain name.